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Masters 16 (ACTP)

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Dynamics of Deep Transformation

Tuning Into and Influencing the Life Patterns and Personal Epistemology of our Clients

–  12th Annual International Training  – – ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP) –

At last, a true Master Class for Experienced Coaches, Therapists, Master Practitioners and Trainers of NLP – all those who are engaged in facilitating the growth and development of others


Peter Wrycza, PhD,

23 July – 06 August 2016, Nirarta, Bali

‘The deepest order of change that human beings are capable of demonstrating is epistemological change. A change in epistemology means transforming one’s way of experiencing the world.’                                                                                                 – Bradford Keene

• Bring your skills to a new level of integration and mastery • Discover and enjoy your true nature • Master the deep change process of ‘Re•Patterning’ • Explore the new field of Generative Patterning • Grow from Coach to Awakener • Experience the transformational energy, beauty, and power of Bali 

This course is for those who really want to get to the core of deep transformation. The course works on two levels. Participants learn to master the dynamics of deep transformation, while experiencing deep transformation themselves. Week One: Tuning into the life patterns and personal epistemology of clients Week Two: Influencing the life patterns and personal epistemology of clients To know more:

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