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Resonance In Coaching and Leadership

Coaching, like any serious dialogue leads us to the heart of the great paradoxes inherent in man.
Sitting close to the customer, we are at one end of the unbridgeable gulf between the intimacy of his own thoughts and feelings, and thoughts and feelings of another person.
Here we sit next with each other, everyone – in itself, in the silence of his own thoughts and feelings.
But it works in us an amazing ability to empathize, understand intuitively understand and share thoughts, feelings, and the essence of each other. coaching magic is not in our complete isolation, and not its negation, but rather in those moments when we experience and isolation and connection.

When we work in isolation, yet remains in the back of a sense of community, and suddenly within us and between us there is a “resonance.” And in moments of such resonant response occurs naturally transformation – not only in the world of the client, but must also coach in the world. Without such a resonance between the coach and the client do anything important or may not occur. between themselves and the world of Resonance – it active reflection of our multi-level nature. Subjectively, in the normal waking state of consciousness, we may be alone by themselves. Our bodies seem to be autonomous, self-organizing, and independent of each other’s bodies. And yet, and socially, culturally, and economically, we are interdependent.

Our own autonomy is woven from the same thread, which is woven from any other part of the larger fabric of life. We are rooted in the matter, which is part of a large matrix of life. Despite our isolation we – the nature, to know yourself. At the level of consciousness, we can lay claim to autonomy, but on a physical level, we present a series of moments of self-organization of matter in the infinite expanses of the cosmos. Like everything else in nature, we are created according to one and the repeats the principle: evolution towards complexity within the relationship.

We are not only part of, but also the participants disclosure multifaceted life, because our own disclosure is the reflection factor and Deployment. Resonance in coaching reflects and respects these sacred relationship every time we come into contact with them. Resonance Resonance occurs when we enter into a more deep centering in our own being, and this is becoming a common alignment for us and for the other person. Resonance – it is a deep and subtle understanding of the fact that we are not only completely apart, but very deep and mysteriously connected to each other.

Resonance does not deny our differences. Rather, it sets them on a great sound, in which the best that is in us both, increased from unity, brighter the highlight our uniqueness. We like the sublime awareness of the general field that permeates and surrounds us, giving greater prominence with the characteristics of each person. At resonance, we lift each other on a new level of consistency. When meeting a greater isolation and greater generality may occur amazing things.

Boundaries and obstacles to making moves and changes. New opportunities. no accident that when these moments occur in silence, we say: “The angel flew.” Running resonance Most of us know from experience that such a response, but we are not always clear how and why it occurs, or why he lost. Resonance sensitive to our ability to keep an open and centering. Internal conflicts, mistrust and emotional coldness not contribute to the resonance. Predisposition to resonance occurs most often when we are honest with yourself and others. Resonance can amplify even from what we tell you about his inner conflict, and if this is the deep truth.

Resonance appears and when we safely open to the unspoken and bitter to us the truth, that truth, which had previously been “beam in the eye ‘ . resonance occurs with the growth of personal and interpersonal alignment. In truth, and the connection we can be like a tuning fork. Our resonance produces effects that we can feel, and we can feel the other forks begin to resonate with us. this way extends Resonance.

When we are centered and open, we resonate, sending a wave of invisible influence, which leads the consciousness of others in alignment. Resonance and leadership resonance works, of course, not only for the “one on one”, it may be felt even more strongly in the midst of several people . Because of the resonance removed differences and made ??possible the amazing insight and creative solutions. Groups and organizations can become a center of creativity and spontaneous collective achievements. Resonance – the dream of leaders. In the next article, we turn our attention to the question of whether a leader (and if so, how) to be the source and center of this resonance.

Author: Peter Vritsa
Peter Wrycza, PhD, founder of the International Academy of Transformational Coaching and Leadership (IATCL)