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The Way of Unfolding: A New Paradigm with Ancient Roots

Maaf, entri ini hanya tersedia dalam English

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Creativity and Leadership

Five Keys In today’s competitive world there is an urgent need everywhere in two important qualities: creativity and leadership. Organizations that engage in more creative ways to solve their problems, maintain its leadership in business. Even small companies with vision and leadership for the right time to choose a new course, can quickly become global […]

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What’s In a Logo?

‘What is it? What does it mean?’ people often ask about our logo. And we’d like to share something about it here. The Academy logo has just had a facelift as our Academy renews its focus and enters a new phase. Our logo is not just an interesting and mysterious graphic. It is like the […]

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Resonance In Coaching and Leadership

Coaching, like any serious dialogue leads us to the heart of the great paradoxes inherent in man. Sitting close to the customer, we are at one end of the unbridgeable gulf between the intimacy of his own thoughts and feelings, and thoughts and feelings of another person. Here we sit next with each other, everyone […]

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