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The Tao of Groups and Organizations

Conversations on the Edge of Silence

The Tao of Groups and Organizations


Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC

7 – 10 November 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

How Generative Dialogue can help align, awaken, and release the untapped creative intelligence of Teams, Groups, Organizations, and Communities

Tao means how: how things happen, how things work.
Tao is the single principle underlying all creation…
By being aware of what is happening, I begin to sense how it is happening.
I begin to sense Tao…
By knowing Tao, I know how things happen.

– The Tao of Leadership

A New and Needed Approach – Infinite Flow

Despite the huge technological shifts that have transformed our world in the last two centuries, we remain mired in a host of individual, social, political, economic, and environmental challenges, both locally and globally.

The powerful methods that have brought us to the current impasse have outstripped our ability to collaborate creatively, intelligently, peacefully, and effectively.

Yet, with goodwill we can accomplish much more by working and being together in new ways that a) tune into and unleash the unlimited potential latent within each one of us, and b) open to the enormous untapped power and grace present when we fully allow collective intelligence to flow in and through us.

The differences are dramatic, but the shift is slight!

Come and join us and discover what is possible with Generative Dialogue and Conversations on the Edge of Silence. What we share has long been known, but rarely applied to the full in today’s world. Come and learn how to be and make a difference.

This programme is for

  • Those whose work involves cooperative exchange with others in groups, teams, organizations, and communities
  • Those who must create, develop, coach, and lead such teams and organizations – leaders, managers, coaches, trainers, teachers, administrators, and consultants
  • Those who support the development of others and would like to reflect on and enhance their ability to do so
  • Those who are familiar with Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Re•Patterning and would like to extend this work into the unfolding of groups and organizations
  • And those who are simply curious to understand more about how groups work and explore new ways to bring people together creatively and productively

It will help you:

  • Better understand the processes influencing yourself and others in groups and organizations
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and while becoming more at ease with others and the systems of which you are part
  • Develop skills to support group unfolding, whether from the leading or non-leading position, by
    • Enhancing your ability to recognize the key patterns occurring in a group
    • Tuning into the defining ‘choreography’ of a group or system
    • Increasing your ability to bring awareness to the system’s patterns and choreography, so that the system and its members can develop and flourish
    • Awakening to the common ground to both self and others, and, through that awareness, tuning into and supporting the processes naturally unfolding, in yourself, in others, and in the groups and organizations of which you are part
    • Becoming more familiar with conducting and participating in self-unfolding ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’ with the natural and gentle process of Generative Dialogue


Exploring Generative Dialogue Together

Our Approach

In this programme, we learn from our lived and shared experience, both individually and collectively. The unfolding of our learning community forms an essential part of what we will be exploring. All participants are encouraged to deepen their awareness of process.

Our mornings focus more on laying the foundations for opening fully to Generative Dialogue. Short presentations, small-group practice, and discussion yield to group sessions devoted to exploring Conversations on the Edge of Silence within the framework of Generative Dialogue – both in sub-groups and in the whole.

Our afternoons centre on full-group process in dialogue, together with harvesting and assimilating the significance of what happens.

Two evenings are dedicated to the powerful group process of innerdance to accelerate the unfolding of collective wisdom in the group.

We remain open to the possibility that there may be gap between our expectations and what actually emerges, which may influence how the programme evolves in practice.


Our Basic Schedule:

Morning Session: 9.30-13.00

Afternoon Session: 14.30-17.30

Evening Session (Days 2 and 3): 18.30-20.45


Our Programme:

Part One: Breathing In, Converging

Day One: Embracing the Group Space – Horizontal ‘Perspectives’

Morning: Preparing and Enlivening the Field

  • Introduction: Tuning into the Great Unfolding, the Tao of Groups
  • The Four Fundamentals of Unfolding: Process, Content, Flow, and Context
  • Enhancing our capacity to be present and notice what is actually happening – contextual and behavioural elements: primary actions
  • Embracing the Five Perspectives to recognize fully what is happening both in the parts and in the whole system
  • Key non-assumptive questions to clarify what we notice happening to ourselves, to others, and to the group as a whole
  • How our personal biases shape our strengths and weaknesses in response to what is happening
  • Tuning in to the ‘group field’, the collective spirit of the group, and to the great Emptiness beyond

Afternoon: Entering the Field

  • Diving into Group Generative Dialogue – plenary session
  • Working with the Four Fundamentals
  • Digesting what arises, harvesting, and feedback

Day Two: Embracing the Group Space – Vertical ‘Levels’

Morning: Tilling the Field

  • Developing the observation skills to recognize the multi-levelled patterns animating individuals and the group
  • Learning how to attend and respond to the underlying structure and process in the group – the key interactions – without getting lost in surface content
  • Recognizing and responding to the explicit and implicit beliefs, values, and criteria that are influencing behaviour and process in the group
  • Recognizing the ‘level’ at which people are operating and knowing how to shift levels appropriately to restore group coherence
  • Being able to separate people’s behaviour (what they are saying or doing) from their deeper identity
  • Staying in touch with one’s internal responses and acting from one’s own alignment and coherence, even when this is uncomfortable

Afternoon: Ripening the Crop

  • Diving into Group Generative Dialogue – plenary session
  • Working with the Four Fundamentals
  • Digesting what arises, harvesting, and feedback

Evening: Innerdance – Awakening Inner Energy to Free Individual Awareness and Process


Part Two: Breathing Out, Emerging

Day Three: Flow and Wave in Group Unfolding

Morning: Receiving the harvest

  • Pointers to the alignment of individual and group performance: Coherence and Resonance
    • Being with what is. Developing the awareness and presence to recognize coherence and respond helpfully to its absence
    • Appreciating the mutual influence of coherence in individuals and in the group as a whole: an holistic and systemic approach
  • Appreciating turning points: when incoherence and impasses yield to coherence and resonance: Theory W
  • Deepening the ability to perceive and acknowledge what is actually happening in real time in the group through the power of silence
  • Tuning in to the deeper connecting patterns and welcoming the new

Afternoon: Storing the Grain

  • Diving into Group Generative Dialogue – plenary session
  • Working with the Four Fundamentals
  • Digesting what arises, harvesting, and feedback

Evening: Innerdance – Awakening Inner Energy to Free Collective Awareness and Intelligence

Day Four: Group Choreography and Unfolding

Morning: Beyond Time and Space

  • Taking stock of where we have got to
  • Self-organizing, self-unfolding ‘Chaordic Groups’
  • Letting be and letting come
  • Formal and informal leadership in the coherent group: leading from the non-leading position
  • Facilitating groups with devolved leadership
  • Tuning into the group ‘dance’, its overarching pattern, principle, ‘choreography’

Afternoon: Bridging to the Groups and Organizations of which we are part

  • Diving into Group Generative Dialogue – plenary session
  • Working with the Four Fundamentals
  • Digesting what arises, harvesting, and feedback
  • Creating Dialogue Groups for one’s ongoing personal and professional development
  • Closure: Commitment and Passion



Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC

Peter is a world-recognized coach, facilitator, mentor, coach supervisor, published author, and speaker. His current work crystallizes a lifelong interest in stimulating and supporting a natural Awakening in individuals and groups by unfolding inner energy and awareness through gentle ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’ and ‘Generative Dialogue’.

He is the developer of Deep Transformational Coaching, and the Re•Patterning Process – a unique method for exploring and updating life-patterns.

With academic background in literature, learning, and creativity, he is a former colleague of Tony Buzan, and practitioner of Person-Centred Expressive Therapy. He is a major contributor to the field of NLP. His work has been recognized in many countries, including UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, and USA.

For the past 45 years, Peter has been exploring the prerequisites for transformation and awakening in work with individuals and groups in Europe and Asia. From this work has emerged a unique holistic way of understanding personal and organizational development – ‘the Way of Unfolding’. This approach – a kind of ‘Tantric Advaita’ – embraces the natural unfolding of things through the pervasive interplay of opposites within the deep wholeness of Life. For Peter, extensive practice of meditation and self-unfolding movement, particularly ‘innerdance’, facilitate this approach.

Peter is the author of Living Awareness, and co-author of Moksha and Living in the Spirit with Luh Ketut Suryani and When Performance Meets Alignment, co-authored with Jan Ardui. He is currently working on a book about innerdance, with its founder Pi Villaraza.

Originally from Norfolk, England, he is of mixed Polish, Italian, and English parentage. An avid traveller, and a curious learner, he speaks fluent French and Italian, with good conversational German and Indonesian. He enjoys creative writing in his spare time.

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