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Generative Patterning

generative-patterningA New Approach: Generative Patterning

Our Academy is a leader in the new field of ‘Generative Patterning’.

Generative Patterning is an attempt to recognize, understand, and work with, the way unfolding happens in our lives and in nature through the interplay and unfolding of pattern.

Generative Patterns are patterns which can change, learn, and grow as expressions of the ‘Way of Unfolding’.

Applying the principles of Generative Patterning, we help people and organizations come into a self-transcending relationship with the patterns of their lives. We help problematic patterning become truly generative for themselves and their contexts.

generative-patterning2That’s when our Performance and our Alignment really support each other in the unfolding of excellence.