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Our Coaching Diploma



Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching

Unfolding Possibilities through Generative Patterning

One-year (20-day; 200-hour) Coach-Training Programme

Wanting to train as a coach?
New to coaching or just beginning and keen to deepen your knowledge and skills?
Or simply curious?

Our Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching offers you the Journey of a lifetime in which you will

  • Discover the magic of transformation in your own life
  • Acquire professional skills helping people transcend their Stories and fulfil their Gifts and Dreams
  • Emerge as a confident and competent coach, capable of facilitating Deep Transformation in others

Unit One – Finding and Fulfilling Purpose and Potential:
Fundamentals of Deep Transformation in People and Organisations
– Introducing the Art of Deep Transformational Coaching (4 days)

Unit Two – Preparing the Field for Change:
Identifying and Supporting Shifts in Behaviour (4 days)

Unit Three – Learning about Learning:
Uncovering the problem space of the client (6 days)

Unit Four – Touching the ‘Heart of the Matter’:
Conversational Re•Patterning and the Art of Deep Transformational Coaching (6 days)

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