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Transformational Consulting

In our Transformational Consulting work, we seek to support the unfolding of an organization in a way that is holistic, systemic, and multi-levelled, connecting the outer expressions of an organization’s activities with their relationship to how these are lived within the organization and its context. We attend to the kind of field that arises collectively, within an organization, supporting or stifling the flow of creative intelligence within Whole Mind.

We situate focused changes in relationship to the organization’s learning, and growth. We treat growth as something qualitative as well as qualitative, identifying just what needs to shift for organizational transformation.

We are concerned for the unfolding of excellence, in individuals, teams, and the whole organization, but in a way that is balanced, and wholesome, without sacrificing the health, fullness, and home life, which ultimately enables people to give their best to make the organization what it is.