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Deep Transformational Coach Training

transformational-coach-training1Developing the Coach

Our Deep Transformational Coaching programmes are for those who want to practise coaching at depths where transformation happens naturally through inner awareness.

We believe that if coaches truly wish to help others change, learn, and grow, they need to develop fully in themselves. That means facing their own blocks and awakening to their own inner Being.

Our Deep Transformational Coach trainings as such have the same broad aims as Deep Transformational Coaching in general. The programmes are holistic, multi-levelled, and systemic. They provide a profound opportunity for personal development in the Deep  Transformational Coach in Training.

All programmes include self-unfolding movement and meditation to accelerate change, learning, and growth in the unfolding of participants.

The Training-Unfolding: Change, Learning, and Growth

Deep Transformational Coach training aims to prepare the coach-in-training to have the attitudes, frames, and skills needed to conduct Transformational Coaching in a professional manner.

The Compass for Coaching and Mentoring provides the structure of our training. We progressively unfold the layers of the lotus of development in the trainee coach, focusing-as the knowledge and skills of the trainee coach develop-first on change, then learning, then growth.

Developing the Coaching Relationship-Communication Skills

All coaches need to develop refined skills for creating and developing the coaching relationship, which is essential at all levels of coaching, whether beginning or advanced.

We teach these essential communication skills-which good communicators acquire naturally-early on so that they can be mastered at the conscious level and not only picked up as an ‘unconscious competence’.


Supporting Change

In our Deep Transformational Coach training, we start with the inner calyx of the lotus, focusing on the fundamentals of communication and on the fundamentals of change, as we learn how to set up and change habits of behaviour.

Stimulating New Learning

Our work with change, equips the coach-in-training with a solid foundation to explore and influence the higher order thinking that structures his or her inner world.

Here, we learn how to recognize and influence the deep learning, beliefs, and assumptions that create the frames supporting the client’s excellence, while also creating his or her blind spots and limitations.

Facilitating Growth

Beyond, deep learning, we touch the development of the person as whole, and our sense of connection with the larger whole-the Whole Mind, beyond our usual thinking. Here we touch our relationship with transpersonal awareness and energies that transcend and connect us-the dimensions of experience so central to greatness and true excellence that we touch in exceptional moments, extraordinary individuals, and outstanding organizations.

Our approach owes much to NLP-based modelling of the structure of human experience. Research into the unfolding of human consciousness over the past 40 years – in both East and West – is also central, as is the work of Gregory Bateson, with his elegant understanding of three primary levels of learning, where each level corresponds to a logical typing, transcended and included at the higher level. From this work, we derive the organizing frames of Change, Learning, Growth, and Unfolding.

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