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Deep Transformational Coaching

nirartaCoaching is the art of facilitating the development of others.

Effective coaching helps people unfold potential that is already present, but not yet fully manifest.

In Deep Transformational Coaching, we accompany the client in a process of discovery that leads from the surface expression of the client’s request to the deeper patterns holding the old ways of being in place.

Exploring that patterning allows insight, understanding, and renewal to take place naturally.

Holistic, Multi-Levelled, Systemic

Our approach is holistic-multi-levelled and systemic.

Inevitably, our body, mind, heart, and senses work together as an interconnected whole.

In Deep Transformational Coaching, we are attentive to how the client’s thinking and perceiving influence each other, in and through the body.

At the same time, coach and client meet in, and share, the same unified field of being.

Coaching and Modelling

Working closely together, from this common ground, we find that a clear and simple ‘model’ of the patterns and structures informing what the client is requesting and-why it has been challenging till now-can emerge.

This helps us understand exactly what is the nature of the ‘problem space’ and what needs to be addressed to realize the coaching outcomes.

Coach & Client: Changing, Learning, and Growing Together

From the holistic perspective of the Way of Unfolding, the Deep Transformational Coach supports the client in the full spectrum of development from simple behavioural change to growth and transformation in the person as a whole.

Nested orders of Unfolding


Nested Orders of Unfolding

Meeting in the common ground of Being means that the Deep Transformational Coach is also part of the process of transformation. In practicing coaching, he or she becomes more aligned with his or her own possibilities, while helping clients realize theirs.

How Deep Transformational Coaching Works

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Coaching and Epistemology-From ‘Split Mind’ to ‘Whole Mind’

Ultimately, all our challenges, including those we bring to coaching, arise in the way our usual ‘split mind’ conceives them.

Our task as Deep Transformational Coaches is to uncover the key limiting ‘split mind’ thinking and reconnect the client with integrated ‘whole mind’ thinking and understanding.

In effect, we help the client identify and update the faulty epistemology (the mistaken thinking) that arises from and creates ‘split mind’.

Ultimately that is what blocks performance.

In ‘whole mind’, we are balanced and clear. We know naturally what to do and how to go about it.


How Whole Mind Becomes Split Mind

Whole Mind is our nature and birthright, it is what we enjoy when we are functioning naturally and creatively like children. As we become self-conscious, we lose our connection with Whole Mind, separating ourselves first from the world around us, and then from our inner Being.

Our work with Deep Transformational Coaching and Transformational Leadership aims to help us recover Whole Mind.

Cognitively Rigorous – Thinking with the Heart

Honing in on the epistemological roots of the client’s problem space in ‘split mind’ requires a particular kind of cognitive rigor in the coach, the ability to think both holistically and analytically while remaining centred and rooted in the heart.

In our Diploma, our coaches-in-training learn how to tune into the epistemology present in those patterns directly connected to the client’s coaching request.

In the Advanced Diploma, our coaches learn to touch the epistemology present transcontextually in the client’s world as a whole.