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Transformational Leadership

Deep Transformational Coaching and Leadership

Most leaders take time to fulfil their potential, with a lot of learning on the way.  It is well-known now that coaching can help leaders fulfil their promise.

However, ultimately, unfolding the full potential of a leader demands nothing less than the transformation and awakening of the whole person.

The Deep Transformational Coach always has this holistic perspective.

We recognize that those who coach leaders well must, in a sense, become leaders too. In our Deep Transformational Coaching training, we aim not only to develop coaching skills, but to release qualities of leadership in the coach as well.

Transformational Leadership

Our approach to developing leaders is always holistic. Besides Deep Transformational Coaching, we offer a number of programmes to help leaders face their blocks and limitations, and develop the freedom and awareness to move beyond.

Transformational Leadership Development Themes

Our Transformational Leadership Programmes have focused on the following themes:

•    Leadership Styles: From Transactional to Transformational
•    Strategic and Systemic Thinking
•    Holistic Thinking
•    Keys to Mastery and Transformational Leadership
•    Resonance Leadership
•    Awakened Leadership

Typically, we use meditation, movement, and somatic work to free up stuck patterns, and support deep transformation in leaders. We have used the relaxing and healing energy of Cyprus and Bali to free up thinking and stimulate reflection an renewal in leaders.