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Deep Transformation

What is Deep Transformation?

In the Academy, we support Deep Transformation in individuals and organizations. We also help people develop the skills and qualities to support transformation in others.

There is much to learn still about how the mysterious alchemy of transformation actually happens in our lives.  Yet everyone recognizes times when they feel their lives stuck and times when change happens rapidly.

Deep and Lasting Change

Typically, when deep and lasting change happens, two things converge.

deep-transformationOur awareness opens, at least for a moment, to the pure field of awareness at the heart of all our experience. And as we tune into

what is necessarily so, a frisson of creative renewal spreads through our world. We recognize that the old habits and patterns have become ossified in a way that cannot possibly continue.

As the old stuck ways shift, new life, new form, new patterns arise.

This pattern holds for both individuals and for groups and organizations.

In our world, change is inevitable. The question is: will we surf the wave of transformation? Or will we resist the flow, to be swept away in a hurricane of change?

Our work in the Academy is to support the ability of individuals and communities to ride and flow with the waves of transformation as they arise in our world.

Systemic Approach

Our approach to Deep Transformation owes much to the systemic inspiration of Gregory Bateson, and other outstanding masters of transformation from both East and West.