Our Compass for Orienting Deep Transformational Coaching and Mentoring Our Compass for Orienting Deep Transformational Coaching and Mentoring - International Academy for Deep Transformation

Our Compass for Orienting Deep Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

A comprehensive map of the different levels and facets of experience guides all our work in Transformational Coaching, Leadership, and Consulting . The Compass helps us pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of trainee coaches in our unique approach to Mentoring.


The Three D’s: Diagnosis, Design, and Development


We use the Compass as a diagnostic, whether in Deep Transformational Coaching, leadership development, or Transformational Consulting.


The Compass also helps orient the design of our programmes and interventions. It helps us structure our programmes in an holistic way that maximizes learning and integration.


In our training programmes, our participants grow in their ability to handle more subtle and complex dimensions of experience – in themselves and in those they work with.

Just as mastering simpler dimensions of experience as an infant lays the foundation for more complex skills later on, so the Compass helps us structure learning such that knowledge and skills unfold progressively.


In practice, this means we develop the ability to support contextual and behavioural change early on in the training. This involves developing our senses and the quality of attention.


We then explore the more hidden recesses of thinking and the learning that shapes and stifles it through our beliefs and fixed ideas, both personally and collectively.

For this we need to be able to think systemically, sensitive to different levels of experience, and including all the key perspectives.


Lastly we touch the development and unfolding of the whole person or organization, developing the Keys to Personal Mastery, the higher order qualities, such as Attentiveness and Discernment.