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Working With Epistemology


Overcoming Resistance to Change

Working with the Deep Epistemology Shaping Our Clients’ Worlds

How to Identify and Impact the Key Hidden Assumptions Influencing our Clients

For coaches, counsellors, therapists, and those who would like to deepen their connection with the unseen yet inexhaustible well-springs of healing and transformation


Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC

Kyiv, 14 – 17 May 2019


The deepest order of change that human beings are capable of demonstrating is epistemological change. A change in epistemology means transforming one’s way of experiencing the world.’
                                                                                                – Bradford Keeney

Introduction – Working with Hidden Assumptions

Change is not always easy. Clients often seek help precisely because there is something in their lives that they would like to change but have been unable to do so by themselves.

In accompanying people seeking to make changes, sometimes it is relatively easy to help the client make a shift. On other occasions, no matter how we approach the client and their request, the changes remain elusive.

Many factors determine whether a client can make the sought-for shift. Perhaps the most influential is the client’s deep epistemology. What the client assumes about self, world, and their relationship determines what the client considers desirable, possible, and attainable.

Tuning in to the hidden assumptions about the challenges the client faces is the key to influencing the client’s relationship with self, others, and world in way that allows them to make the changes they seek in a natural effortless way.

In this programme, we deepen your skills firstly in tuning into the client’s underlying epistemology – the powerful assumptions shaping their world. And secondly in influencing the client’s epistemology so that change happens naturally.

In doing so, we begin the great shift from Coach to Awakener.

Please, note: This programme was initially designed to deepen the effectiveness of the work of graduates of our Dynamics of Deep Transformation diploma training programme. It will be of interest to practicing coaches with some experience, preferably at ICF PCC level or equivalent.\


Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC

is a world-recognized facilitator, mentor, coach and coach-supervisor,  published author, and speaker.

For the past 45 years, he has been exploring the prerequisites for deep transformation and natural awakening working with individuals and groups in Europe and Asia. Out of this work has emerged a unique holistic approach to personal and organizational development – ‘the Way of Unfolding’.

This approach, a kind of ‘Tantric Advaita’ embraces the natural unfolding of things through the extraordinary interplay of opposites within the deep wholeness of Life. This work draws on a unique synthesis of the core of traditional Balinese wisdom and best Western practice. For Peter this approach is underpinned by extensive meditation and self-unfolding movement practices.

Committed to supporting transformation and awakening in individuals and groups, Peter has trained, mentored, and supervised coaches and mentors in many countries for almost 20 years. He is the developer of Deep Transformational Coaching, and the Re•Patterning Process – a unique method for exploring and updating life-patterns.

Peter has an academic background in literature, learning, creativity and higher states of consciousness. He is a former colleague of Tony Buzan and a graduate of Nathalie Rogers’ Person Centred Expressive Therapy Institute. He has been a major contributor to the field of NLP and his work has been recognized in many countries, including UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, and USA.

His current interests cluster around stimulating and supporting a natural Awakening through unfolding inner energy and awareness through gentle ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence ’ and ‘Generative Dialogue’.

Peter is the author of Living Awareness, and co-author of Moksha and Living in the Spirit with Luh Ketut Suryani. Co-author of When Performance Meets Alignment, with Jan Ardui, he is currently writing about his experience with ‘innerdance’, with its founder Pi Villaraza.

He is the founder of the Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness in Bali – an inspiring location, where East and West meet, for people to change, learn, and grow together, as they unfold inner awareness. When not teaching internationally, Peter is based at Nirarta, leading retreats, seminars, writing, and enjoying Balinese life.

Originally from Norfolk, England, he is of mixed Polish, Italian, and English parentage. An avid traveller, and a curious learner, he speaks fluent French and Italian, with good conversational German and Indonesian. He enjoys creative writing in his spare time.