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Way of Unfolding

way-of-unfoldingOur Guiding Principle: the ‘Way of Unfolding’

Everything in our universe – including ourselves – is part of a seamless web of unfolding.

From conception to death our lives play themselves as part of a natural evolutionary process. Change and development in our lives is merely a particular expression of the natural processes of unfolding implicit in the transformation of all things.

The universal patterns of transformation present both in the world and in our development over time, we call ‘the Way of Unfolding’.

Aligning with the ‘Way of Unfolding’

Way-of-Unfolding2In the Academy, we are committed to helping people come into alignment with the unfolding pattern of their lives, while honouring and respecting their participation in the wider unfolding around them.

Our work with organizations and communities is guided by this same principle of evolving alignment with the unfolding pattern of life.

Ultimately, recognition of, and attunement to, the Way of Unfolding, depends upon, is guided by, and contributes to, the awakening of the silent field of consciousness, our true nature, present in and beyond all our experience. We are committed to supporting that awakening in ourselves and in others. It is the core of our work.