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Russia & Ukraine

The founding Academy team in 2012 included Alena Savyuk (co-founder of the original International Academy for Transformational Coaching and Leadership (IATCL)), with the participation of Ruzanna Atasunts, and Marina Furta, together with Dmitry Lazarenko (Ukraine), and Yanina Konovalova (creator of eCoaching), 

With a focus on Deep Transformation and Awakening, the Academy in Russia and Ukraine has grown out of IATCL, which offered Peter’s Transformational Coaching training from 2005-2012.  This means the Deep Transformational Coaching approach already has a strong alumni base in Russia and is highly valued in the coaching profession for the in-depth understanding of coaching and transformation it inculcates

Currently, our Academy team in Russia includes Lusia Karkle, Alena Loktionova, and Alexander Baikin, with the added participation of our team of Mentor Coaches and Resource Faculty, Olga Mansurova, PCC, Rusanna Atasunts, PCC, German Bazhanov, and Marina Furta, ACC